Welcome to Tembeka

TEMBEKA BDT has pioneered new fields in inclusive finance and enterprise development since its founding in 2005. Established to provide technical support to microfinance institutions, TEMBEKA has since expanded its operations to corporate B-BBEE compliance and consultation services. This unique position allows it to facilitate the creation and management of investment relationships in the fields of enterprise and socioeconomic development. Through its work, TEMBEKA is creating new employment opportunities, adding value to corporate networks, and contributing to a dynamic and broadly inclusive South African economy.


What is B-BBEE?

Why Your B-BBEE Score Matters

TEMBEKA seeks to enhance growth of small and medium enterprises (SMMEs) as well as new SMME suppliers to corporations. Through channelling of corporate investments in SMMEs and in partnerships with business incubators, TEMBEKA will accelerate economic development among previously disadvantaged communities by creating employment and wealth opportunities for B-BBEE compliant enterprises. Investment will flow to create reliable, sustainable new enterprises that develop a capacity to become part of the corporate supply chains. TEMBEKA will also channel funding for socioeconomic development projects (SEDs) that benefit poor communities. Meanwhile, corporate investors benefit from better competitive standing for contracts due to B-BBEE legislative compliance, a more diverse supply chain, positive brand exposure, and tax benefits.